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Cal Feed Industry Is Going More Green

The California Department of Food and Agriculture says the feed industry diverted more than 18.5 million tons of byproducts from human food, fiber and biofuel production to livestock feed last year. Byproducts include canola meal, cotton seed, almond hulls, distiller’s grains, bakery byproducts, and culled fruits and vegetables. CDFA also says processing fruits, nuts and…MORE

Milk Pricing Hearing Now Underway

A once-in-a-generation hearing on federal milk pricing started this week. USDA’s Federal Milk Marketing Order hearing is an opportunity for dairy producers to make their case for changes to the pricing program. National Milk Producers Federation President and CEO Jim Mulhern says, “Thanks to the tireless efforts of dairy farmers and their cooperatives, this industry…MORE

Ag Group Seeks More Free Trade Agreements

The organization called Farmers for Free Trade is asking all 2024 presidential candidates to prioritize new market access trade agreements to strengthen U.S. agriculture and decrease reliance on China. Farmers For Free Trade also called on the presidential candidates to hold China accountable in a responsible manner that does not endanger U.S. food and agriculture’s…MORE

USDA Proposes to Strengthen Horse Protection Act

USDA’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service seeks public input on a proposed rule to strengthen Horse Protection Act requirements. The proposed changes aim to eliminate horse soring, a cruel and inhumane practice that gives horse owners and trainers an unfair advantage in walking horse competitions. Walking horses are known for possessing a naturally high…MORE

Most Cow-Calf Operations Remain Small

Most cow-calf operations in the U.S. remain relatively small and have fewer than 50 cows. USDA says at the other end of the spectrum, there are a few very large operations with more than 1,000 cows that can be found. USDA data from the National Agricultural Statistics Service Ag Census indicates that between 1997 and…MORE

Cal Prop 12 Battle Continues In The Nation

U.S. Senator Chuck Grassley who is from the nation’s top pork producing state of Iowa vows to fight in the farm bill, California Proposition 12. That voter approved measure bans sale of pork in the state from pigs housed in cages or crowded pens where they can’t freely turn around. Senator Grassley says the farm…MORE

Fertilizer Prices Continue Decline

Fertilizer prices have continued their more than year-long decline through the first two weeks of August. The University of Illinois’ FarmdocDAILY website shows that on a per pound of nitrogen basis, urea and liquid nitrogen fertilizers have historically been priced at a premium of 35 to 40% above anhydrous ammonia. However, the premium narrowed in…MORE

Plant Based Meat Sales Declining

Shoppers remain interested in plant-based meat alternatives, but higher prices have led many potential return consumers to taper off their purchases. Plant-based meats are often several dollars a pound higher than equivalent meat and poultry products. Besides cost, lingering negative perceptions surrounding taste, value and versatility are also obstacles the category has yet to overcome.…MORE

Consumer Food Spending Increases

U.S. consumers spent an average of 11.3% of their disposable personal income on food in 2022, a level not observed since the 1980s, according to USDA’s Economic Research Service. Disposable personal income is the amount of money consumers have left to spend or save after paying taxes. Consumers spent 5.62% of their incomes on food…MORE

Study Shows Positive Economic Impact of Soil Health

Study Shows Positive Economic Impact of Soil Health The Soil Health Institute and the National Association of Conservation Districts announced the results of a nationwide study showing how improving soil health can improve a farmer’s profitability. The study shows farmers can build resilience across a diversity of soil types, geographies, and cropping systems. Among the…MORE