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Ag Economy Barometer Increases

Farmer sentiment improved in August as the Purdue-CME Group Ag Economy Barometer rose 14 points above its July reading to 117. Both the Index of Current Conditions and the Index of Future Expectations increased last month. Producers were less worried about their farm’s financial situation than in July, although they remain concerned about a possible…MORE

California Hopes to Soon Join Opposition to Foreign Land Ownership

A bill that outlaws land sales to foreign countries to help protect the nation’s food supply is still awaiting Governor Newsom’s signature to become law. In the meantime, the Washington Examiner reports that the Central Valley is where two-thirds of the nation’s fruits and nuts are grown. “Food can, and is, being used as a…MORE

First “Triple-Dip” La Nina in This Century

The World Meteorological Association says the La Nina weather pattern will last through the end of 2022. That’s the first time this century it will have lasted for three consecutive winters in the northern hemisphere. La Nina conditions in the tropical regions of the Pacific Ocean strengthened as trade winds intensified between July and August.…MORE

USDA Updates Crop Insurance Plans

The Department of Agriculture is improving two of its most comprehensive risk management safety net programs. USDA announced the improvements for the Whole-Farm Revenue Protection, and Micro Farm, making them more accessible to farmers. The improvements include doubling the maximum insurable revenue under Whole-Farm Revenue Protection, now $17 million, more than tripling the size of…MORE

USDA Releases Updated Trade Projections

The Department of Agriculture just updated trade projections for the remainder of fiscal year 2022 and the first projections for fiscal year 2023. The outlook follows the federal fiscal year, which begins on October 1 and ends on September 30. Agriculture exports for 2023 are projected at $193.5 billion, with imports at $197 billion. The…MORE

Cal Farmworker Drought Bill Passes Senate

State Senator Melissa Hurtado’s bill SB 1066, the Farmworker’s Drought Resilience Pilot Project, passes the Senate Floor and is now headed to the Governor. In a news release Senator Hurtado says “as California continues to struggle through another year of drought, many farms and farmworkers are being hurt in ways we have not seen before.”…MORE

Corn Growers Think New Cal Vehicle Requirements Miss Opportunity

The California Air Resources Board recently approved standards for vehicles made in the model year 2026 and later. In response to the announcement, the National Corn Growers Association says California regulators “missed an opportunity” to allow for more innovation and broaden low- and zero-emission solutions, in addition to the proposed electric vehicles, to maximize emission…MORE

Mexican Fruit Fly Quarantine Zone

The California Department of Food and Agriculture is announces that a portion of San Diego County has been placed under quarantine for the Mexican fruit fly following the detection of six flies and one larva in and around the unincorporated area of Valley Center. The United States Department of Agriculture, the San Diego County Agricultural…MORE

Fruits & Vegetables Top Local Foods Purchased by Schools

Many U.S. school districts purchase local foods such as fruits, vegetables, dairy, and proteins for campus cafeterias. In addition to buying locally produced foods, many school districts participate in other farm to school activities, such as product-specific promotions, taste tests of local foods, onsite edible gardens, and field trips to farms. Approximately two-thirds of U.S.…MORE

Farmland Prices & Equipment Sales Decline

Farmland prices and farm equipment sales declined in the August Creighton University Rural Mainstreet Index. The overall index fell for the fifth straight month, for August slumped to 44.0 from 46.0 in July. The index ranges between 0 and 100, with a reading of 50.0 representing growth neutral. The region’s farmland price index for August…MORE