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The House Ag Committee Approves New Farm Bill

The GOP Farm Bill with help from some Democrats on the committee, pass HR 8467, the Farm, Food, and National Security Act, also known as the Farm Bill. The bill is expected to go to the house floor later this year.MORE

California Benefits from USDA Fertilizer Investments

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack says USDA is investing in domestic fertilizer projects to strengthen competition for U.S. agriculture. The funding comes via the Fertilizer Production and Expansion Program. USDA is awarding $83 million in 12 states for projects through the program that provides grants to independent business owners to help them modernize equipment, adopt new…MORE

Coalition Urges Congressional Action on Prop 12

The National Pork Producers Council and the American Farm Bureau led a coalition of over 900 ag stakeholders in supporting what they feel is a needed “fix” to California’s Prop 12 in the next farm bill. In a letter to House Ag Committee leadership, the coalition highlighted they believe are several problematic parts of the…MORE

California Benefits From New USDA Export Market Program

Ag Secretary Tom Vilsack says USDA is allocating $300 million to 66 organizations under the new Regional Agricultural Promotion Program. The funds will be used to build demand for American food and farm exports in high-potential markets around the world. California organizations receiving funding include: Blue Diamond Growers, Almond Board of California, California Cherry Marketing…MORE

Funds to Help Specialty Crop Exports

Alexis Taylor, USDA Undersecretary for Trade and Foreign Agricultural Affairs, announced funding for the first five projects under the new Assisting Specialty Crop Export initiative. The ASCE initiative is designed to create more, new, and better markets at home and abroad for U.S. producers and agribusinesses. The partnership between USDA and the specialty crops sector…MORE

New Report Highlights Pesticide Levels on Fresh Produce Sold in California

California Department of Pesticide Regulation data shows that 97% of all fresh fruit and vegetables tested by the department contain little or no pesticide residue. The department also announced that more than three thousand produce samples were tested from some 500 businesses throughout the state. Among other key findings, 37% of all samples had no detectable…MORE

Farm Bill Lobbying Is Costing Millions

A new report from The Hill says that pharmaceutical, manufacturing, and agriculture interests have combined to spend over $400 million lobbying Congress on a new farm bill. The Union for Concerned Scientists says that’s more than four times the amount of money spent by the public sector and civil society. The report also found that…MORE

Retaliation Fears After Administration Increases Chinese Tariffs

President Biden increased tariffs on Chinese goods under Section 301 of 1974’s Trade Act. The hike goes on $18 billion worth of imports from China, prompting significant concerns that China might impose tariffs on the U.S. agricultural products that the Asian nation imports. U.S. Trade Representative Katherine Tai says the move is a response to…MORE

Farmers Get Good Money for Leasing to Solar Companies

Solar energy is gaining traction across the country, and Farm Journal says it’s surprising how much solar companies pay farmers to lease their ground. A survey of farmers shows the majority are being offered more than $1,000 per acre by companies for solar leasing, and that possibly could drive up the price of future cash…MORE

Age of U.S. Farmers Still Concerning

Farmdoc Daily says the 2022 Census of Agriculture confirms that U.S. farmers continue getting older. The average age of the U.S. farmer is 58.1 years as of the 2022 Census. The share of farmers between 45 and 64 was lower in the 2022 versus the 2017 Census of Ag. In contrast, the shares of people…MORE