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EU Trade Talks Without Ag

  U.S. agriculture leaders are disappointed in the European Union’s failure to include agriculture in trade talks with the United States. “Agriculture will certainly not be part of these negotiations,” European Union Trade Commissioner Cecilia Malmstrom said earlier this week while announcing the EU is ready to begin trade talks with the United States. The…MORE

Veterinary Shortage

  The American Veterinary Association supports the re-introduction in Congress of the Veterinary Medicine Loan Repayment Program Enhancement Act. It’s an important bill to the industry because if it’s passed, it will play a critical role in addressing shortages of food animal and public health veterinarians in rural and agricultural communities. “Veterinary shortages are one…MORE

Cal Big Part of New Ag Census

The California Department of Food And Agriculture and the USDA say California is a major player in the new Census of Agriculture. Here are some highlights of the new census which uses data compiled from 2017. The top commodities were: fruits and nuts with $17.5 billion in farmgate value, vegetables with $8.2 billion, milk with…MORE

California Final Grape Crush

  The USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service is reporting 2018 crush totaled 4,506,583 tons, up 6.2 percent from the 2017 crush of 4,241,945 tons. Red wine varieties accounted for the largest share of all grapes crushed, at 2,447,930 tons, up 8.8 percent from 2017. The 2018 white wine variety crush totaled 1,833,755 tons, up 3.8…MORE

Bayer Releases 107 Studies on Glyphosate

Amidst lawsuits claiming the product causes cancer, Bayer has released study results on the safety profile of glyphosate. Bayer sent 107 reports to the European Food Safety Authority and has made the reports available on its dedicated transparency platform. The files reports include crop protection safety studies as part of being more transparent following the…MORE

Significant Work Remains in China Trade Talks

  Significant work remains in trade talks with China, according to a statement from U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer’s office. President Trump has indicated a deal could be reached in the next four weeks, but the two sides offered little details regarding last week’s meetings, according to Reuters. Lighthizer says negotiation team members “will be…MORE

CoBank Says Meat Demand Uncertain

Beef, chicken, and pork supplies are expected to continue their expansion from 2018 levels. But CoBank says domestic and international demand bring a lot more uncertainty this year. A new report from CoBank says overall U.S. animal protein production climbed by 2.5% last year. Pork led the way at 3%. Per capita, U.S. protein consumption…MORE

USDA to Release Census of Agriculture

  The Department of Agriculture’s National Agricultural Statistics Service will release the 2017 Census of Agriculture results on Thursday, April 11th. The full Census report will include millions of data points, including number of farms, land in farms, total value of production, demographics, and more at the national, state, and county levels. The report, along…MORE

MLB Fans Love Iconic American Foods

  The Major League Baseball season is underway, and the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council says fans will chow down on more than 18 million hot dogs in ballparks this year. A survey by the organization found fans are expected to consume 18.3 million hot dogs throughout the season in U.S. ballparks. The Los…MORE

Dairy Producers Might Find Some Relief

House Ag Committee Chair Collin Peterson along with more than 70 Democratic and Republican colleagues wrote a letter to Ag Secretary Sonny Perdue. They’re asking the secretary to make implementing the dairy provisions in the new farm bill a high priority. The lawmakers are concerned about the continuing loss of dairy farms, as well as…MORE