The World’s First Seedless Blackberry

Pairwise, a company specializing in genetics-based innovations for food and agriculture, has developed the world’s first seedless blackberry.

Interested Engineering Dot Com says blackberries are helpful with regards to boosting bodily functions and improving digestion and sugar levels.

They also significantly reduce inflammation, improve brain function, and help prevent cardiovascular diseases.

Despite the benefits, studies show more than 30% of berry buyers don’t purchase them because of the seeds.

The seedless blackberry was created using the company’s proprietary Fulcrum Platform.

They offer a complete suite of novel tools used for CRISPR (crisper) application in plants.

CRISPR is short for Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindrome Repeats.

The CRISPR technology is the one scientists use to selectively modify the DNA of living organisms.  

“With the precision of CRISPR, we are able to develop these thornless and compact traits without sacrificing consistency in flavor and quality for consumers,” says Pairwise co-founder Haven Baker.