Federal Water Allocation Water Increase

The Bureau of Reclamation is increasing water allocations for Central Valley Project water users.

For irrigation water service and repayment contractors south-of-delta, including cross valley contractors, the water allocation is increased to 35% up from 15%.

The Bureau of Reclamation says late February storms improved conditions.

According to a news release, bureau is also reserving about 83,000 acre-feet of water currently in San Luis Reservoir.

That water will contribute to a drought reserve pool and is not considered as a volume of water available for this year’s water supply allocations.

Plus some 185,000 acre-feet of what’s called rescheduled water from the 2023 water year, also stored in San Luis Reservoir, is not included in the 2024 water supply allocation.

Friant Division class one water allocations are being increased to 65% up from 60%.