Food and Ag Industries Have $9.63 Trillion Impact

More than thirty agriculture groups released the eighth annual “Feeding the Economy” report.

The study helps estimate the direct and indirect economic contributions of the food and agriculture industries on jobs, wages, economic output, and business taxes.

The 2024 report’s findings show the total economic impact for the food and agriculturally-related industries grew almost 12% over the past year and reached $9.63 trillion.

That’s 20% of the total U.S. output.

Total jobs in the industry reached more than 48 million.

Total wages were $2.7 trillion, up 34% since the 2020 report.

Total taxes were $1.25 trillion, up 37% since the 2020 report.

Total exports of $181.6 billion were down 3% since 2020.

From the 2020 report till now, food and agriculture manufacturing jobs grew at a faster rate than any other job category in America.

Agricultural production now accounts for 20% of all U.S. manufacturing jobs.