California Proposal Leave Biofuels Behind

The nation’s largest Biofuels Association called Growth Energy submitted comments to the California Air Resources Board regarding the board’s proposed changes to California’s low-carbon fuel standard.

Growth Energy CEO Emily Skor says, “While California has its sights set on the future, the state continues to overlook a significant challenge that it faces right now: decarbonizing the millions of internal combustion engine vehicles in the state that will continue to be on the road for decades.

Growth Energy contends the proposal ignores plant-based fuel options, such as ethanol and biodiesel.

One issue is the audit processes included in the proposal. Renewable Fuels Association Chief Economist Scott Richman says, “Imposing a third-party verification system for feedstock certification places an extreme audit burden on feedstock suppliers and biofuel producers without any clearly defined benefit.”

Richman added that the provision does not define the general term “sustainability” and needs extensive stakeholder engagement and analysis before being considered for inclusion in any amendment to the LCFS program.