Exhibit at Fresno County Historical Museum Shines Light on Sikh Community

FRESNO, Calif. (KMJ/KFSN) — Countless exhibits can be found at the Fresno County Historical Museum and one of them uniquely showcased is the Sikh Exhibit.

Board Members of the Sikh Historical Society say it’s important to have a place where anyone can learn about their roots and culture.

“That is something that, you know, we can cherish for a long time and you know, tell our story,” said Sikh Historical Society Board Member Bill Singh Nijjer.

A story, Bill Singh Nijjer says is not often taught in a traditional classroom.

He says when the idea of creating this cultural exhibit was presented by a fairgrounds board member 4 years ago, it was an easy decision to say yes.

One part of the exhibit you can’t miss is the extremely detailed and 24-karat gold-plated Golden Temple, the holiest place for the Sikh community.

“It’s so sacred to us, and one of the most peaceful places, at least for me when I go there and even just looking at it, it’s like you are there,” said Beant Singh Sandhu.

Beant Singh Sandhu says the Golden Temple is his favorite part bringing back many personal memories.

When walking around the rest of the exhibit, you’ll see pictures paired with stories and original artifacts donated.

“Sikh’s by tradition are warriors so one of the most significant thing we wanted to display are weapons of that era,” said Nijjer.

For Bill and Beant, it’s special knowing there is a place in the Central Valley where anyone can learn about the Sikh Culture and share it with younger generations.

Helping bridge the gap for the Sikh population of about 70-thousand in the Central Valley.

“We are no different than any other American, we get up just like you…eat our breakfast, go to work, take kids to school to the games and concerts,” said Sandhu.

“We want everyone to know about each other, we also try to learn about different cultures all around us I mean, that is what is displayed here,” said Nijjer.