Randy James Biography

Randy was born right here in Fresno, and for a short time as a young boy, he lived in San Antonio, Texas and Palmdale, California before arriving in Clovis to begin third grade at Sierra Vista elementary. Randy is a graduate of Clovis High School where he studied broadcasting under Mr. Dave Lennon. It was there, along with a fourth grade field trip to KFYE, Y94 and the constant listening to Ron McCary on Y94 and Ray Appleton on KFIG Rock 101, that led him to a life behind the mic. Before high-tailing it to the big city lights of Dallas, Texas, Randy spent time here in Fresno, at KZZF, KJFX and KKDJ. He learned what it takes to be a dynamic morning show personality, by working alongside the legendary Bo Roberts and Jim White in Dallas-Ft. Worth.

Randy is also a professional bass guitar player, having performed with his cover bands; the 222 Band, Krimson Door and Triple Lindy, entertaining crowds, all over the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex.

Randy is super excited to be joining Christopher Gabriel, George Takada, and Don York on Fresno‘s Morning News… and more importantly, he’s stoked to be home with his family, and to be part of this community he grew up in. He says, “It’s good to be home.”