Saladino’s Foodservice Sells to US Foods

Fresno, CA (KMJ) US Foods Holding Corp announced Thursday that it is buying Saladino’s Foodservice, to further expand its reach into central California.

Saladino’s is an independently owned Fresno-based independent foodservice distributor with more than $600 million in annual revenue and more than 4,000 customers across California.

Dave Fansler, Mike Shirinian and Nick Marizliano, hosts of KMJ’s The Restaurateurs program were excited about the news of the sale for their good friend and owner Craig Saladino. Click below to listen:

“After more than 75 years supporting foodservice operators across central California we couldn’t be more excited to be joining forces with US Foods – a decision that supports our growth as a company and presents a promising future not only for Saladino’s, but for our more than 500 employees and growing number of valued customers,” says Craig Saladino, president and CEO, Saladino’s Foodservice. “We look forward to this next phase and are grateful for the Saladino’s community who has continued to support the business with loyalty, excellence and pride.”

The acquisition is expected to close in December 2023. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.