Organic Cal Strawberries Bring Higher Prices

New data from USDA’s Economic Research Service shows what California organic strawberry growers have known for years, their crop brings higher prices compared to conventional strawberries.

In the United States, grower prices for fresh organic strawberries move in tandem with conventional strawberry prices throughout the year while also typically running 40 to 50% higher than conventional prices.

This difference is known as a price premium.

In late fall and throughout winter, supply wanes even though demand remains robust.

During this period, grower price premiums for organic strawberries rise above typical levels.

From 2018–2022, the highest average price premium was in January, when organic strawberry prices were 74 to 88% higher than conventional strawberries.

Since 2008, domestic organic strawberry acreage has tripled in California, which provides about 75% of U.S. organic strawberry production.