SEIU In-House Caregivers Hold Awareness Rally in Fresno

Photo: Courtesy SEIU

FRESNO, CA (KMJ) – Fresno-based in-home care providers hold a rally in downtown Fresno on Tuesday.

SEIU 2015, California’s largest labor union, represents nearly 450,000 long-term care workers (home care, skilled nursing facility, and assisted living center workers).

Fresno-based in-home caregivers, representatives from SEIU 2015, SEIU 521, SEIU 1000, SEIU UHW, and the Fresno Central Labor Council, were joined by consumers and Fresno Councilmember Luis Chavez.

The vigil at the Fresno County Board of Supervisors Office at 2281 Tulare Street, was taking place as the Supervisors held their bi-monthly hearing.

The SEIU wants to bring awareness to the challenges facing local caregivers and their consumers, and demand that the BOS address this urgent issue.

In-home supportive service workers keep our elderly and children safe at home. Caregivers deserve livable wages and a strong union contract.

The SEIU says these challenges threaten the quality of care they can provide to some of Fresno’s most vulnerable residents.

In-home care providers shared personal stories about how low wages have made it challenging to make ends meet.

Caregivers discussed how they say unacceptable wages offered by Fresno County have forced workers to leave the care industry at alarming rates, threatening the quality of care provided to older adults and people with disabilities in the region.

The SEIU says in-home care providers provide vital care to Fresno’s older adults and people with disabilities yet are paid low wages that are forcing many to leave the industry, resulting in an urgent staffing crisis that could prevent people in need in our community from receiving the care they deserve.

Listen to the report by KMJ’s Liz Kern.