FDA Extends Comment Period On Plant Based “Milk” Labeling

The U.S. dairy industry is concerned about plant based milks in grocery stores carrying the label “milk.”

The Food and Drug Administration announced it is reopening the public comment period on draft guidance for labeling plant-based products. “

The FDA is reopening the comment period in response to requests from industry stakeholders for more time for interested people to develop and submit comments,” the agency says.

Food Safety News says the draft recommendations were initially published in February and are for industry comments on naming plant-based beverages that are marketed and sold as alternatives to milk.

The draft guidance also recommends voluntary nutrient statements for labeling some of the plant-based milk alternatives.

Products made from plant materials like tree nuts and legumes are often labeled “milk.”

The FDA’s draft guidance from February doesn’t apply to other plant-based dairy alternatives like plant-based cheese or yogurt alternatives.

Interested parties can submit their comments at regulations.gov.