WOTUS Veto Override Fails in Congress

The House of Representatives was unsuccessful in getting enough votes to override President Biden’s veto of legislation undoing a rule defining the Clean Water Act’s jurisdiction.

The vote failed 227-196 and didn’t meet the two-thirds requirement for overriding a presidential veto.

Successful Farming says Republicans persuaded ten Democrats to vote against the Biden EPA’s rule, including House Ag Ranking Member David Scott (D-GA) and Rep. Sanford Bishop (D-GA).

The rule specified what wetlands, streams, and other waterways qualify for federal protection as Waters of the United States.

Critics like farmers, land developers, and construction companies have called the policy “extreme government overreach.”

In March, both the House and Senate passed a disapproval resolution with bipartisan support that would have scrapped Biden’s Waters of the U.S. Rule.

Two federal judges have issued preliminary injunctions against implementing the WOTUS rule in 26 states while lawsuits are heard regarding the validity of the regulation.