Planted Based Chicken Label Survey

The National Chicken Council carried out a national survey focused on consumer attitudes about chicken and plant-based ‘chicken’ alternatives.

Survey participants included individuals who consume meat and animal products, along with flexitarians, vegetarians and vegans.

The results show the majority of Americans want clearer product labeling and separate shopping sections for plant-based products.

NCC Senior Vice President of Communications, Tom Super, says, “This study shows there is overwhelming support for clearer packaging and separate store placement for imitation ‘chicken,’ and that the term ‘chicken’ should be reserved only for food products made from the actual animals.”

One in five Americans reported that they accidentally purchased the plant-based product, believing it to be real chicken.

Survey results also indicate that consumers, including those who eat plant-based ‘chicken,’ prefer authentic chicken for taste, affordability and cooking versatility.

And, four in five Americans want plant-based options to clearly be labeled.