House/Senate Ag Leadership Stays The Same For Now

Leadership of the House and Senate Agriculture Committees will likely be the same in the next Congress.

Who controls the majority in the House, along with the Senate, will have a significant say in the 2023 Farm Bill process.

Ranking Republican Glenn GT Thompson was re-elected Tuesday and seems poised to chair the committee, if Republicans can hold on to take the majority in the House.

Meanwhile, Georgia voters re-elected Democrat David Scott, the current House Agriculture Committee chairman, who seems likely to remain the top Democrat on the committee.

Meanwhile, the Senate Agriculture Committee will likely see the same leadership return.

Senator Debbie Stabenow, a Michigan Democrat, was not up for re-election, and Arkansas voters re-elected Republican John Boozman.

The so-called red wave did not appear on election day and seems to give way to thin majorities for both the House and Senate.

Final election results for all races may take a few more days.