Bill Would Reduce Trucking Regulations

Legislation introduced in the U.S. Senate would remove government regulations in the trucking industry, according to Senator Mike Rounds.

The South Dakota Republican introduced the Trucking Regulations Unduly Constricting Known Service-providers, or TRUCKS Act.

Rounds says the regulations are burdensome to agriculture, school districts and trucking companies.

In 2012, then-President Obama signed into law legislation that set in motion a new rule that created a requirement for Entry-Level Driver Training.

The final rulemaking went into effect earlier this year.

All new drivers who wish to obtain their Commercial Driver’s License must now complete Entry-Level Driver Training, adding a burdensome requirement at a time when the American Trucking Association estimates a nationwide trucker shortage of 80,000 drivers.

The bill would allow states to issue a new “Small Business Restricted CDL” so Entry-Level Driver Training requirements would not affect small businesses with nine CDLs or less.

The U.S. Custom Harvesters have endorsed the legislation.