Clovis Police Now Searching for Trio of ATM “Skimmers”

(Photo courtesy: Clovis Police Department)

(KMJ) – The Clovis Police Department is now asking for the public’s help tracking down a trio of suspects wanted for tampering with automated teller machines.

In a post on the Department’s Facebook page, Investigators write:

All 3 suspects are wanted for felony ID theft and placing skimming devices on multiple ATM’s. The vehicles pictured are associated to them.

If you have information regarding the identity of a suspect, please call us at (559) 324-2556, DM us, or provide an anonymous tip using our free mobile “Clovis Police” app. You can also anonymously call Valley Crime Stoppers at (559) 498-STOP. CPD Case 22-1621.

When using your debit card at an ATM or gas pump, check for signs of tampering and always protect your PIN when entering it by covering the keypad.

Signs of tampering:
-Broken safety labels/stickers.
-Loose card slots.
-Pry marks.

Contact law enforcement immediately if you believe a skimming device is on an ATM or gas pump.