Supporting Existing Pesticide Law

CropLife America joined more than 350 organizations engaged with pesticide products in a letter sent to Congress affirming their support for the current pesticide regulatory system.

The letter is in response to legislation that would undermine the science-based standards in the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act.

“This legislation undermines the work of the EPA’s career scientists in the evaluation of pesticide registration and use,” says Chris Novak, president and CEO of CLA.

“The evaluation of each pesticide requires EPA scientists to review hundreds of studies to determine whether a pesticide can get safely used.”

The groups point out in the letter that the proposed legislation would jeopardize the availability of pesticide products by imposing an unscientific process that could remove pest-control options from the market.

Congress amended FIFRA several times to strengthen the regulatory standard for safety, most recently through the Food Quality Protection Act that added specific protections for infants and children.