Ag Leaders Urge Farmers to Get Vaccinated


More than 30 state and national agricultural organizations recently joined to promote vaccination among farmers and rural Americans.

In an open letter to association members, the organizations added another voice to the call to get vaccinated.

In addition, the groups utilized an opinion editorial published in the Des Moines Register to share a message about the connection between agriculture, science, and health.

CropLife America President and CEO Chris Novak states, “Whether you live in the city or on the farm, we are all at risk if we don’t take steps to keep ourselves and our communities safe.”

The effort is in response to the continued challenge of the COVID-19 delta variant cases increasing among unvaccinated populations.

Agriculture leaders are asking farmers to protect their health and their communities by getting vaccinated, saying, “Farmers make science-based decisions every day to protect their farms and their communities – they should make these same decisions to protect their health as well.”