Bill to Help Human Trafficking Survivors Clear Criminal Records Approved on Assembly Floor


Assemblyman Patterson speaking during Zoom meeting.


FRESNO, CA (KMJ) – A bill to help human trafficking survivors clear their criminal records faster is unanimously approved today on the assembly floor.

Assemblyman Jim Patterson said the bill will to make it faster and easier for trafficking survivors to clear their record of nonviolent offences

Patterson said AB 262 will prevent a court from refusing to hear a human trafficking victim’s petition to clear their record due to fines owed and or probation requirements not met.

Arien Garcia, a survivor and representative of the Central Valley Justice Coalition shared her story of the difficulties obtained a job while having a criminal record as she spoke during a Zoom press conference on Wednesday.

Survivors will now be able to ask the court at any time after leaving trafficking to clear their record, unlike the current law which says within a reasonable amount of time” leaving it up for interpretation.


Trafficking survivor Arien Garcia speaks during Zoom meeting.


AB 262 also requires local law enforcement or ca department of justice to purge records with within 90 days of a judge’s order for trafficking survivors. Currently they can wait up to a year.

The bill now be heard in the senate.

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