Fresno Police Release Crime Suppression Operation Results

Photo: File.


FRESNO, CA (KMJ) – The Fresno police department gives an update on its violent crime suppression operation.

The operation was launched in October as a direct result of the increase in violent crime

The Fresno Police Dept. said it was in part issues of $0 bail and early releases from our jail and state prison systems, which released thousands of prisoners and gang members back into the community.

State and federal agencies as a part of the crime suppression operation scheduled to end at the beginning of the New Year.

The operation resulted in over 1,500 arrests including over 400 identified gang members, nearly 800 parole and probation searches were conducted, 252 illegal were guns seized from criminals.

Police said the majority of those arrested have been released and a recent analysis of those arrested showed 68% had already been released from custody.

Despite efforts, Fresno Police say they are continuing to see an “unacceptable amount of brazen violent crime and tragic loss of life in our city.”

Police released this statement:

“As a result, your police department will be adjusting resources for the coming weekend. On Friday January 8th, approximately 40 officers making up 6 different proactive elements will be deployed to try and further stop the violence. It is time that we hold the criminal element accountable for their actions and stop early releases from our jails and prisons.” – 

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