California Organic Sales Up


The Department of Agriculture’s 2019 Organic Survey finds total sales of $9.93 billion in organic products, an increase of $2.37 billion, or 31%, from 2016.

Released by USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service, the report shows there were 16,500 certified organic farms, a 17% increase from 2016, which accounted for 5.5 million certified acres, an increase of 9% over 2016.

California continues to lead the nation in certified organic sales with $3.6 billion, which is 36% of the U.S. total and four times that of any other state.

Top organic commodities include livestock and poultry products, milk, vegetables and fruit.

The survey also asked producers about plans for future production.

29% of farms plan to increase their level of organic production.

More than 1,800 certified organic farms have 255,000 additional acres in the three-year transition period required for land to become certified as organic.

An additional 710 farms not currently certified reported 61,000 acres of land transitioning to organic production.