Coronavirus Impact on Ag Jobs


A special report from AgCareers highlights agriculture’s workforce and compensation during the Coronavirus pandemic.

The special report provides a hyper-focus on the most critical components facing agribusinesses during COVID-19.

The topics include workforce planning, wellness/benefit programs and compensation practices related to salary administration for 2020 and 2021.

The report finds 81% of agribusinesses did not have to make staff changes during the pandemic, and nearly 20% increased hiring of permanent and temporary employees.

Most agriculture organizations were able to provide consistency regarding salary increases for 2020.

Roughly a third of organizations had already implemented 2020 increases before the pandemic.

A combined 30% of organizations did report being undecided, delaying or canceling previously planned increases.

Looking ahead to 2021, companies continue to plan for increases, only 17% indicating it was not likely for salaries to increase.

The prevalent estimated salary increase budgeted was 2.6 to 3.0%.