Governor Rejects Friant-Kern Canal Repair Legislation

Governor Gavin Newsome vetoed a bill that would have helped pay for part of the needed repairs on the Friant-Kern canal.

In a statement, the governor says he did not sign senate bill 559 since this piece of legislation would benefit just one water project  and not take in account future water needs for the entire state.

The Friant Water Authority issued a statement saying that the agency and Federal Bureau of Reclamation have worked hard for more than 2 years to design, plan, finance and implement needed damage repairs on the most important water delivery system on the eastside of the San Joaquin Valley.

A stretch of more than 20-miles of the Friant-Kern Canal has lost more than half of its original capacity to move water due to subsidence, a sinking of the earth from groundwater pumping.