USDA Extends Food Box Program


The Department of Agriculture is extending contract to some venders in the Farmers to Families Food Box Program.

USDA is exercising the option to extend contracts for current distributors for the next performance period, July 1st through August 30th, for up to $1.16 billion of food.

The decision to extend current contractors was determined based on their performance since May 15th.

Some vendors were extended without any adjustment to their delivery amounts, while others’ amounts or locations were adjusted based on their demonstrated abilities to perform or at the vendor’s request.

USDA says the extensions continue to require audits to ensure all requirements are met.

The government chose not to extend some vendors’ contracts either in part because of concerns brought up during audits or for performance challenges.  

Since May 15th, distributors have delivered over 17 million food boxes to approximately 3,200 non-profit organizations across the United States.