Tons of Illegal Marijuana Seized in Merced County

(Photos courtesy: Merced County Sheriff’s Office)

(KMJ) – The Merced County Sheriff’s Office says its Deputies located and took down a massive marijuana cultivation and processing site.

Saturday, Deputies served a search warrant on two large barns on the 5700 block of West Highway 14.  There they detained 15 suspects and found thousands of pounds of pot.

Here’s what the Sheriff’s Office posted on its official Facebook page:

As the investigation progressed throughout the day, the Sheriff’s Enforcement Team (SET) eradicated over 15,000 pounds of finished product and plants that were found growing in the cornfield. The massive scale of this grow was astounding and pictures don’t show the amount of work it took to eradicate and clean-up all the marijuana on the property.

34,685 plants had been eradicated from a cornfield and 4,500 of dried product had been collected from the barns. Each of the plants typically yield 1 1/2 pounds of marijuana which is typically sold on the black market for $300.00 to $500.00 per pound. 

The Merced County Sheriff’s Office adds this operation had the potential of making $15 million in profit.