Cal Walnuts Survey Results

Staying home means snacking more for Americans.

Amid orders to shelter-in-place, many Americans have turned to snacking for comfort.

A new survey, conducted in May in partnership with California Walnuts and Kelton Global, explores the snacking behaviors of Americans and how they’ve changed since shelter-in-place mandates were implemented.

About one in two Americans, 48% confess they are snacking more than before the pandemic began.

Two in five, 40% of those expect to see this behavior continue after the shelter-in-place mandates are lifted.

While Americans are mostly torn when it comes to the perfect flavor profile of their snacks, the preference for sweet snacks at 57%, currently edges out salty at 43%.

Comfort is the first priority, with 75% of respondents noting that they are not trying to eat healthier snacks than they usually do, and only 20% remarking that they wish there were more nutritious snacking options available.