Organic Food Sales Up


Organic food sales rose 5% in 2019 over the previous year, coming in at $50 billion.

The Organic Trade Association says the first quarter of 2020 saw organic food sales continue to rise dramatically.

Food Business News says if that trend continues, the industry should see another year of record growth.

“Our 2020 survey looks at organic sales in 2019 before the coronavirus outbreak, and it shows that consumers were increasingly seeking out the organic label to feed their families the healthiest food possible,” says Laura Batcha, CEO and Executive Director of the OTA.

“The pandemic only increased our desire for clean, healthy food.”

She says the commitment of the organic seal has always been to the combination of health and safety, and they expect that commitment to strengthen as people get through these unsettled times.

Produce remains the most popular organic food category, with fruit and vegetable sales up 5% in 2019 to $18 billion.

Organic dairy products reached $6.6 billion in sales during 2019, 2% higher than the previous year.

Even though it’s the second-smallest category in terms of sales, condiments are one of the fastest-growing segments of organic foods, reaching $77 million in sales during 2019, up 23% over the prior year.