Big Changes For Fresno County Voters

FRESNO COUNTY,CA (KMJ) – Fresno County voters will see major changes in the way they vote leading up to the March primary.

The Fresno County Clerk says the changes will give voters more flexibility and convenience and likely improve turnout.

In early February, every registered voter in the county will receive a ballot in the mail. Before the change, you had to request it.

When it comes to voting you can drop your ballot in the mail. No stamp is required.

There will also be 43 drop boxes in the county to submit your ballot. County clerk Brandi Orth says if you prefer to vote in person, there will be 53 vote centers in the county.

“Has a lot more flexibility in how you actually participate. We hope it will improve turnout and make it easier for people.”

Ten vote centers will be open eleven days before the election. The other 43 will be open four days before the election.

Fresno County is one of 15 counties in California participating in the Voter’s Choice Act. It was passed by the state legislature but the act is not mandatory.

“We saved a million and a half dollars because we had to buy new voting equipment and we had that cost savings because now we have 53 vote centers instead of buying voting equipment for all 268.”

Because the voter centers are open up to eleven days, the county clerk’s office needs to hire more employees.

“We will be paying you to have several hours of training. You’ll have to learn how to run the computers and the voting equipment.”

The new voting model for Fresno County gives voters more days and more ways.