Skip Echeverria Biography

Just like Philip, radio was not the plan. I was literally raised in a barn (stables technically but the barn came later with cattle), schooled at Central Unified schools and on the fast track to a degree in Agriculture at Fresno State and most likely moving into the family ag business until I landed an internship at a rock radio station. I’m pretty sure my parents will never forgive that move. But radio is what I love, and I’ve been doing it for over half my life at this point. Along the way, I’ve also picked up marketable skills as a therapist because the first piece of advice my first radio boss gave me was “don’t major in radio and always have a backup plan.” So, I have the unique experience of now doing news/talk radio in the afternoons, along with working as a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist and adjunct professor at Fresno State in the graduate counseling department. I’ve also got a husband and four kids that I’m crazy about who keep life from never having a dull moment. If I’m not busy with that stuff, you’ll find me reading, traveling, enjoying music, nerding out over anything mental health related or trudging slowly up the side of a mountain to turn around and come back down again. I’m excited to be a part of KMJ. Almost 20 years in the business and this is still the only station my father counts as really “making it in radio.”

California State University, Fresno
Class of 2002
BA in Communications

California State University, Fresno
Class of 2011
MS in Counseling – Marriage & Family Therapy

Local Groups I Support:

California State University, Fresno
Central California Food Bank
Fresno Family Counseling Center
Fresno Skateboard Salvage