Wildfire Smoke Prompts Health Caution from Valley Air District

(KMJ) – As Cal Fire crews continue to work to get a handle on the Briceburg Fire burning in Mariposa County, The San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District says smoke from this blaze may create health issues for some here in the Central Valley.

That’s why the Air District has issued a health cautionary statement for the entire Valley.  It reads in part:

Anyone exposed to poor air quality or wildfire smoke should move indoors to an air-conditioned/filtered environment with their windows closed. Wildfire smoke and wind-blown dust can create unhealthy concentrations of particulate matter.

People with heart or lung disease as well as  sensitive individuals, such as those with existing respiratory conditions, young children and elderly people,  are especially susceptible to the health effects from these pollutants. 

And the Valley Air District says this health caution will remain in place until the Briceburg Fire is extinguished.