Calif. Sues Trump Administration Over Green Card Rules

FRESNO, Calif. (KMJ) — California is joined by three other states in filing the latest court challenge to new rules blocking green cards, for many immigrants who use Medicaid, food stamps, housing vouchers, or other forms of public assistance.



In announcing the lawsuit Friday, Democratic Attorney General Xavier Beccera said, “They’re trying to make people believe that these are people who are using welfare benefits, that aren’t working, that don’t qualify, that are essentially being a drag on our economy, when in fact, most of the evidence that is out there will tell you these folks work really hard, pay taxes.”

Becerra also claims that nearly half of Americans would be considered a public burden, if the same standards were applied to U.S. citizens.

The rules, set to take effect in October, would broaden a range of programs that can disqualify immigrants from legal status, if they are deemed to be a burden to the United States.



Aaron Abeytia

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