Construction Day 3 in Clovis for HGTV’s Extreme Makeover Home Edition


Day 3, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.


CLOVIS, CA (KMJ) – Thursday was Day 3 as HGTV’s reality show Extreme Makeover Home Edition constructs a house from the ground-up for a Clovis man and his family.

Cal Fire Captain Nick Reeder was widowed with three young children, when his wife Amanda Sawyer died giving birth on April 18, 2018.

KMJ has been covering the progress as Cumulus Media has exclusive radio coverage of the big reveal.

Construction of the Reeder home is on schedule as Wednesday included much of the roofing, electrical, wall insulation, and HVAC installation that was completed through the night.

Thursday’s work was focusing on the exterior of the home.

It included the full installation of the garage door as well as the addition of stucco and placement of the majority of the exterior stone.


Photo: Courtesy HGTV Extreme Makeover: Home Edition



The construction team has until Sunday, August 4, 2019 to compete the entire makeover.

De Young Properties President Ryan DeYoung spoke to KMJ’s Liz Kern on the job site about the plans for the home.

Ryan DeYoung: “We are kicking off a 96-hour build. We’re building a home for the Reeder Family. An absolutely amazing family!”

Liz Kern: “It’s not a lot of time is it?!”

Ryan DeYoung: “It’s definitely not a lot of time. We have 13 hour shifts, it’s AM and a PM shift. We are straight all the way through until the very end.”


De Young Properties President Ryan DeYoung. Photo: Liz Kern


Ryan DeYoung:What’s exciting for De Young Properties is that this build is in one of our communities. This is the Highlands Community. What’s interesting is the fact that this home is going to be a zero energy home.”

The Reeder home is being built with De Young Zero Energy technology which means that the home is designed with the potential to produce as much energy as it consumes in a year.

The intent is that this technology will eliminate the worries about high energy bills, especially in these hot summer months, for the single income household.

Liz Kern: “Can you tell me about the house? I know it’s top secret until the reveal, but any clues? How many bedrooms? What can you say?”

Ryan DeYoung: “This is going to be an amazing home. It’s actually one of our DeYoung floor plans that we tweaked perfectly just for the Reeder Family. Every family member is going to have a special space just for them.”

Fresno County Pink heals, Inc. firetruck. Photo: Joe Castelon.

De Young Properties has started a fund through Fresno County Pink heals, Inc. to benefit the Reeder family, who will see their brand new home on Sunday.

Monetary donations to benefit the family can be made through Fresno County Pink Heals Inc. Visit for more information.

You are invited to stop by from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. to watch the building process, and if you want to volunteer visit for more information.


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