Fresno Council May Dedicate Half a Million Dollars to Immigrant Issues

The Fresno City Council will decide whether to dedicate a half million dollars to immigrant issues.

FRESNO (KMJ) – The Fresno City Council, currently discussing next year’s budget could dedicate a lot of cash to the Immigrant Affairs Committee they created earlier this year.
Councilmember Miguel Arias made the motion to set aside $500,000 should committee members recommend projects that require funding.
But Councilmember Garry Bredefeld is skeptical of how the committee will use the money.

“If there are no recommendations, or the recommendations are cost-neutral, then the money will not be spent,” Miguel Arias said.

“Well I suspect they would not be cost-neutral, what they will propose,” Councilmember Garry Bredefeld said. “Would part of that be what you’re envisioning a defense fund for people here illegally?”

“I’m not envisioning anything in particular,” Arias said. “I think that’s the task of the committee, to have that discussion, come up with a recommendation.”The committee will be made up of 15 members. They’re tasked with advising the city council on issues related to immigrants. The final vote will be taken later this month.