Clovis In Coalition Suing State On Pot Deliveries – “Prop 64 Was Very Clear”

CLOVIS (KMJ) — The City of Clovis has joined a group of 25 local authorities suing the state’s Bureau of Cannabis Control. The lawsuit alleges that allowing cannabis deliveries violates the intent of Proposition 64.

The legal action focuses on BCC Regulation 5416(d), considering it invalid because it stops cities and counties from regulating commercial cannabis deliveries within their communities (click here to view the lawsuit). Allowing local control on commercial cannabis operations was a key part of Proposition 64.

“We can only control what goes on in our city and when outside influences or outside agencies insert themselves and change things, and we have no ability to push back, that causes some issues,” explained Mayor Drew Bessinger.

“This is the way we’re going to push back on this. Prop 64 was very clear and the Bureau of Cannabis Control is circumventing Prop 64.”

KMJ News reached out to the BCC for a response. In a statement it said it had no comment at this time.

Hear the report from KMJ’s Dominic McAndrew as it aired: