New Voting System For Fresno County? Clerk’s Office Wants Your Input

Fresno County Clerk’s Office

FRESNO (KMJ) — Fresno County Clerk Brandi Orth has announced a multi-city tour to introduce a proposed change to the way citizens vote.

A number of new voting methods have been examined, but the favorite is to embrace the changes introduced in by the Voter’s Choice Act.

“In the Voter’s Choice Act, we have voting assistance centers throughout the county and everyone gets mailed a ballot. You don’t have to ask for it as you do now,” explained Orth.

“Then you have multiple ways to return that ballot, or if you need assistance you can go to the voting assistance center.”

The County Clerk’s Office revealed that five other counties have already adopted the new method. Orth said sending a mail-in ballot by default provides more flexibility to the voter.

“For those folks that are very busy, this might be a good solution. They can still participate.”

A series of community meetings have been scheduled this week to introduce the Voter’s Choice Act model to residents:

  • Wednesday at 6pm, in the Sanger Seniors Citizen Center
  • Friday at 2pm, in the Clovis Veterans Memorial Building
  • Friday at 6pm, in the West Fresno Regional Center
  • Saturday at 10am, in the Fresno County Elections Training Facility (4525 E. Hamilton Avenue, Fresno, 93702)

Hear the report from KMJ’s Dominic McAndrew as it aired: