Lawsuit Accuses CA Bail Industry of Conspiring to Keep Premiums High

FRESNO, Calif. (KMJ) — A coalition of public-interest groups has filed an antitrust lawsuit, against more than 20 companies and agents in the Golden State, alleging a conspiracy to keep premiums inflated.

Among other things, the lawsuit filed in Alameda County claims that for at least 15 years, bail agents have been discouraged from offering discounts or rebates, to those seeking release from jail. Those who’ve supposedly not cooperated, are said to have been the victims of retaliation.



However, the Golden State Bail Association, who’s among those named in the lawsuit, says it’s fought for years to lower bail schedules, which could lead to lower premiums. The association claims such efforts have been met with resistance by lawmakers.

The lawsuit comes amid uncertainty surrounding bail in California. A law that would have eliminated cash bail is now on hold, as a pending 2020 ballot initiative will allow voters to decide whether to overturn it.


Aaron Abeytia

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