Patterson On PG&E Bankruptcy: “Our Rates Are Going To Go Up”

FRESNO (KMJ/AP) — Assemblyman Jim Patterson warned that PG&E’s filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy will result in higher bills for customers.

The declaration, made midnight Tuesday, allows the utility to continue operations while a solution is figured out.

“Our rates are going to go up, and I think they’re going to go up faster and higher, unfortunately,” said Patterson.

“I think that’s it’s possible that it could double – over time.”

Pacific Gas and Electric has assured customers that both the gas and electricity supply will continue as normal, and that bankruptcy will allow for an “orderly, fair and expeditious resolution” of wildfire claims.

“The person in command of this is the bankruptcy judge,” said Patterson. “We really don’t know how this judge, he or she, is going to act.

“The mystery, and the drama, and the saga, is going to go forward.”

In a statement, Governor Gavin Newsom promised that he will protect the best interests of the people of California.

“My administration will continue working to ensure that Californians have access to safe, reliable and affordable service, that victims and employees are treated fairly, and that California continues to make forward progress on our climate change goals.”

But Patterson said the push towards climate change goals has been dragging the utility down.

“I think most of this is because of an ideological point of view that has dictated ways of getting electricity that are less and less reliable, which means closer and closer to brownouts and blackouts, and higher and higher in price.”

Hear the report from KMJ’s Dominic McAndrew as it aired: