Nunes Considers Midterm Result “A Huge Huge Victory”

FRESNO (KMJ) — Despite losing the majority in the House of Representatives, Congressman Devin Nunes said the results from Tuesday’s midterm elections were actually a win for the Republican party.

The power shift towards the Democratic Party means Nunes is expected to lose his position as Chair of the House Intelligence Committee.

“I don’t view last night as a loss,” said Nunes Wednesday morning. “I think it was a huge huge victory for the conservative movement, for the Republican party.

“And I say that and people are probably scratching their heads saying ‘well gosh, you lost the majority.’

“The pundits, the prognosticators, the left, just two weeks ago were predicting that we were going to lose 60 plus seats in the House and it was going to be a blue wave. That didn’t mature.”

Nunes said picking up seats in the U.S. Senate is a part of the Republican victory.

“Very tough to do, beating incumbents.”

Members of Congress representing the Central Valley largely remained the same following the midterm results: Sen. Dianne Feinstein, Rep. David Valadao, Rep. David Valdao, and Rep. Jim Costa all retained their seats on Capitol Hill. Rep. Jeff Denham lost his seat to challenger Josh Harder.

Congressman Nunes also commented on the resignation of Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

“I’m actually surprised he resigned versus being fired, but he probably knew it was going to happen. It’s an unfortunate situation.”

On Twitter, President Trump wrote that a permanent replacement will be nominated “at a later date.”

Hear the report from KMJ’s Dominic McAndrew as it aired: