Clovis Modelers Receive City Council’s Support For A Space To Fly

Image courtesy of Clovis Area Modeler’s Club

CLOVIS (KMJ) — The Clovis Area Modeler’s Club now has the backing of Clovis City Council in its effort to find somewhere to fly.

The unanimous vote by members Monday evening gives the modelers a letter of endorsement from the Council. That letter will be used to make the argument for a dedicated radio controlled model park in Fresno County. Members currently favor and area on the Dry Creek Floodplain.

“There are a number of aerial incursions that happen on a far too frequent basis between radio controlled models, drones, and our local air traffic,” explained the club’s President Erik Lacour.

Members of the Clovis Area Modeler’s Club want to subtract the danger from their hobby.

“With the City of Clovis behind the effort of properly locating a permanent RC park, we feel like it’s going to be a big step in helping us to move forward in finding something of that nature.”

In the meantime, Councilmembers permitted the use of the Sierra Meadows Park in Clovis.

“This is the first place in Fresno County where this activity is going to be allowed at this time,” added Lacour.

“We’re really happy about that. Having that access to our community is going to be amazing.”

The club’s website can be found clicking here.

Hear the report from KMJ’s Dominic McAndrew as it aired: