Republican Gubernatorial Candidate John Cox Speaks At Maddy Institute Luncheon

FRESNO, CA (KMJ) – Republican gubernatorial candidate John Cox speaks Tuesday at the Maddy Institute Luncheon.

Businessman John Cox is originally from Chicago, but now lives in San Diego, and has family in Fresno.

Cox says he’s running to drain California’s swamp of its corruption and cronyism.

“This state has become unaffordable, its business climate is the worst in the nation, it’s repelling business not encouraging it.” – John Cox, Republican gubernatorial candidate.

Some hot issues for California’s future governor include High Speed Rail; “They’re way behind schedule, way over budget. I’m actually looking at the hyper loop as something that could totally displace this.” – John Cox, Republican gubernatorial candidate.

Cox speaking on the Twin Tunnels; “We do not need to bury huge tunnels 150 feet underground in another big, huge crony project.”

When it comes to water, Cox says we need more storage and reservoirs for the AG industry.

“Ag actually produces way more economic growth for California than Hollywood but what gets the attention…Hollywood.”- John Cox, Republican gubernatorial candidate.

Cox is in second place in the most recent public statewide poll.

He’s up against a candidate pool that includes Gavin Newsome, John Chiang, and Antonio Villaraigosa.

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