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Aaron Abeytia anchors afternoon newscasts on News/Talk 580 & 105.9 KMJ. His primary mission when informing the audience of news and events, is to maintain an objective point of view, and to deliver concise reports, which regard a broad variety of information. Amongst the activities in which a vast portion of his passion reside: speech, writing, literature,…MORE

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Dispute Over Trademarked Yosemite Names Settled

FRESNO, Calif. (KMJ) — Delaware North, the federal government, and Aramark have settled a lawsuit filed by Delaware North, over its former concession contract at Yosemite National Park. The company had trademarked the names of several locations without the National Park Service’s knowledge.     When they lost the concession contract to Aramark in 2016, Delaware…MORE

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Calif. Assembly Speaker Calls Gig Economy ‘F*****g Feudalism’

FRESNO, Calif. (KMJ) — The California Labor, Public Employment, and Retirement Committee approved Assembly Bill 5 on Wednesday. The controversial measure calls for reclassifying thousands of independent contractors as employees. Outside the California State Capitol, a rally was held, in which Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon claimed that independent contracting amounts to “corporations trying to oppress workers.”…MORE


Justice Department: Use of Deadly Force Down in Calif.

FRESNO, Calif. (KMJ) — Law enforcement agencies in the Golden State have reported 628 cases for last year of deadly force or serious bodily injury. New figures from California Department of Justice show a decline of 20 percent, in just 2 years. The drop comes as the Democratic legislative majority has sought to increasingly restrict the…MORE