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Aaron Abeytia anchors afternoon newscasts on News/Talk 580 & 105.9 KMJ. His primary mission when informing the audience of news and events, is to maintain an objective point of view, and to deliver concise reports, which regard a broad variety of information. Amongst the activities in which a vast portion of his passion reside: speech, writing, literature,…MORE

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CA May Require Kids’ Meals Come with Water or Unflavored Milk

FRESNO, Calif. (KMJ) — The California Assembly has approved a bill, that if signed into law, would require that the default beverage for kids’ meals be water or unflavored milk. Supporters say it would help cut down on diabetes and obesity, although customers could still request juice or soda as an alternative. The measure does not…MORE


CA Could Require at Least One Woman on Boards of Public Companies

FRESNO, Calif. (KMJ) — California could soon require that publicly held companies headquartered in the state have at least one woman on their board of directors. Senate Bill 826 would also mandate by the end of 2019 that boards with five people have at least two women, and that boards with six people have at least…MORE


Calif. Wildfires Creating More Problems for Homeowners

FRESNO, Calif. (KMJ) — The California Department of Insurance is expecting more insurance companies to opt out of renewing policies for homeowners, in areas at risk of being struck by a wildfire. Commissioner Dave Jones is also warning of rate increases, as parts of the state will likely be reclassified from safe to high-risk, with some…MORE