Police: Fresno Gang Members Branching out into Property Crimes

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FRESNO (KMJ) – Fresno gang members are branching out, and committing a wider variety of crimes.

In the city of Fresno, there’s a nearly three percent uptick in the number of home burglaries over this time last year.

And police say they know who is responsible for this worrisome crime trend.


“It used to be gang members were strictly involved in human trafficking, violent crimes, selling firearms, selling drugs,” Dyer said. “Now we’re seeing more and more gang members that are involved in property-type crimes that include residential burglaries, identity theft and fraud.”

The chief blames recent laws that have reduced criminal penalties, and gang members have figured out they can beat the system.

“There’s very few consequences for individuals that are committing those types of property crimes in the state of California,” Dyer said.