Candidate Betting He Loses City Council Election

Phil Arballo.

FRESNO (KMJ) – At least one candidate on Tuesday’s special election ballot is hoping he doesn’t win.

Financial advisor Phil Arballo is running against Congressman Devin Nunes for the 2020 election.

But voters in Fresno District 2 will be able to vote for him in today’s city council special election, where he made the ballot, before changing his mind.

KMJ political analyst Jim Verros says the move isn’t typical.

“Once they’re on the ballot, usually, that’s set in stone. You don’t pull paperwork and file if you’re not going to do it,” Verros said.

Arballo also paid a $300 filing fee in May before abandoning the campaign for the more high-profile run less than a month later.

“He was under the expectation that Andrew Janz was going to be running again against Congressman Nunes,” Verros said. “When that fell through, I think Phil saw an opportunity.”

Janz, who lost to Nunes back in 2018, is now running for Fresno Mayor. He’s supporting Arballo in his congressional run.

Arballo did not respond to KMJ requests for an interview.