KMJ Exclusive: FUSD’s Slatic Facing Complaints at Bullard High

FUSD Trustee Terry Slatic.

FRESNO (KMJ) – Another campus controversy involving Fresno Unified School Board member Terry Slatic.

Dozens of parents of Bullard High School cheerleaders gathered in the school library, along with Superintendent Bob Nelson, to address safety concerns surrounding Trustee Terry Slatic.

Parents say Slatic showed up to cheer practice on campus Wednesday afternoon and held held an impromptu meeting with the girls and their coaches, and threatened them, saying they’d be removed from the squad if they were to speak publicly about the two girls removed from cheer for their part in the inflammatory “blackface” video that surfaced last month.

The girls in question remain on the squad, and parents say they are a distraction and the team would prefer to move on without them. Slatic went to the practice to address the team.

Angry parents told Nelson and Slatic that Slatic “barged in” to the practice, that he got “in the face” of girls and some were left sobbing.

One parent even filed a police report against the trustee.

The parents want Slatic permanently banned from campus, and even discussed getting a restraining order against him.

Slatic for his part says he’s responsible for district oversight, and he can go where he wants, but in the end, he pledged to stay away from the cheer room at Bullard.

The district has not made a comment, and Slatic verbalized he will be happy to come on a future edition of KMJ News to discuss his position.

This story will be updated.

Clint Olivier, KMJ News