Fewer Robocalls in May, FCC Seeks to Empower Phone Carriers

FRESNO, Calif. (KMJ) — The total number of robocalls made to Americans in the month of May was 4.7 billion.

That’s about a 9 percent decrease from the peak reached back in March, according to robocall-blocking software developer YouMail.

Here in the 559 area code, 575,000 robocalls were received per day last month, for an average of 12 per person.

The most common types of robocalls involve health insurance, social security, student loans, and fast money scams.

Federal regulators have voted to give phone companies the right to block the unwanted calls, without getting customers’ permission first.

While the FCC expects phone companies to offer the feature free of charge, it isn’t requiring that they do.



Aaron Abeytia

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