Mexico Cartel Meth & Coke Seized in “Largest Drug Bust” in Fresno PD’S History


FRESNO, CA (KMJ) – Fresno’s police chief is calling it the “largest drug bust in their history from a single source.”

Chief Jerry Dyer says they were working with the DEA on the investigation, seizing 67 pounds of methamphetamine smuggled in from Mexico, and arresting three men.

DEA Fresno Resident Agent in Charge, Chris Coleman stood next to Dyer as he announced the bust.

On Thursday night, officers pulled over 23-year-old Francisco Navarro on a traffic stop by Ventura and “F” Streets.



A drug-sniffing dog found 11 lbs methamphetamine in the Sacramento man’s car.

Navarro was arrested, his source of the drugs coming from a Mexican cartel, running drugs into the U.S.

On Friday morning, the DEA and Fresno Police raided six trailers on the 9000 block of Avenue 392 in Dinuba.

They found 56  pound of crystal meth and cocaine, along with a glock gun and 1,200 rounds of ammunition.



Dyer said a total of 67 lbs of methamphetamine, and 2.8 lbs of cocaine was seized over the two days.


“The street value of the meth is approximately $500,000, we know that the meth was 98% pure, brought directly from Mexico and associated with a cartel,” said Police Chief Jerry Dyer.

Dyer did not name the cartel.

He said the drugs when re-cut could be sold on the street for up to $750,000.


Two more men, 37-year-old Alfonso Cruz and 25-year-old Ponce Galvan were arrested.



Both men are from Mexico but Chief Dyer said the pair had been living in Dinuba, and they been here for two years selling the drugs.

The contraband was coming in over the border from Mexico through a port of entry, undetected inside of a vehicle.


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